There is a princess inside all of us.

A first class magical experience…
…for the special Princess in your life.

As you already know, every little girl dreams of being a princess and now she can! Visit and enjoy the wonderful world of Princess-Empire. Every special princess will be accompanied by her very own ‘Personal Princess Assistant’ who will guide her through the world of Princess-Empire and her very own Princess Makeover.

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Magical and Ultimate Experience & Makeover
The Magical Princess Makeover and the Ultimate Princess Makeover are wonderfully themed experiences and princess makeovers. These can be enjoyed by any princess aged 3-12 years old.

All experiences include a visit to the Princess-Empire sparkle station and the Princess-Empire Scene Studio where you can capture and share those special moments. Scenes include a wishing well, Princess-Empire Throne, awards area and a castle with our very own unicorn. Please bring a camera and take as many pictures as you like when it is time for the 'big reveal.’ Each experience takes just over an hour to complete so leave plenty of time for lots of Princess fun!
The Princess-Empire Birthday Package
The Princess-Empire birthday package is a wonderful experience and makeover for 5 to 10 Princesses. The experience lasts around two and a half hours where the birthday Princess and their friends will make some unforgettable memories.

Special invitation scrolls, something special for the birthday Princess, party games and lots more is included in our amazing party package. Visit our Experiences page to find out more.
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